We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Mineral Water Plants / Packaged Drinking Water Plants / BIS / ISI Bottling Plants and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We also provide Installation, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services, Operation And Maintenance Contract Services, Chemicals, Equipments, Spares (Spare Parts) for our whole product range.

We are leading Manufacturer of Packaged Drinking Water Machines. It is water derived from varied sources including surface, ground or sea and subjected to treatment like decantation, filtration (including aeration filtration with membrane filter, cartridge filter, and activated carbon filtration), demineralisation, mineralisation and reverse osmosis. The packaged water is also disinfected before being packed so that it does not get contaminated until consumed within a specific time. The packaged drinking water shall be filled in sealed containers of various compositions, forms and capacities that are suitable for direct consumption without further treatment. In case demineralisation is a part of the treatment process, the ingredients used shall be of food-grade quality and conform to the requirements set by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and rules framed thereunder

Processing and Bottling Raw water to be processed is collected in tanks. A known quantity is pumped into the above tank where the water is dozed with alum for coagulation with heavy metals or insoluable matters. The water after coagulation is allowed to settle for an hour. The impurities may be removed by Reverse Osmosis techniques also. The supernatant water is taken to the chlorination tank where primary disinfection is brought about by bubbling chlorine gas. The water is then passed through sand filters for trapping of undissolved impurities. The water after sand filteration is passed through Carbon filters for removal of odour, colour and also for dechlorination. It is then passed through series of micro fillers comprising 5 micron, 1 micron and 0.4 micron filter followed by ultraviolet disinfection system for terminal disinfection. Packing is done in PET bottles of 1 litre capacity through an automatic rinsing, filling, and capping machine fitted with an Ozone generator. The bottles after capping are shrink wrapped (Optional) and packed in corrugated boxes of one dozen each.

Quality Control and Standards The plain drinking water has to be bottled in pet bottle as per IS Specifications (IS: 14543:1998: Packaged Drinking Water and IS: 13428:1998: Packaged Mineral Water).

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